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The mission of the Missouri Society of Health-System Pharmacists is to provide education, leadership and advocacy to support our members in helping people make the best use of medications.


The Missouri Society of Health System Pharmacists has been a voice for hospital pharmacists since the early 1970's. The Society has had an emphasis on providing educational programming, developing guidelines for hospital pharmacy practice and promoting medication safety across the state. MSHP has a history of working with other pharmacy organizations and health care providers to improve the health of Missouri citizens. The organization today, is an active member of the Missouri Pharmacy Coalition. MSHP is proud of the pharmacists who have helped lead the organization. Two notable MSHP Presidents, Tom J. Garrison (1974-1976) and T. Mark Woods (1997-1998) both went on to become President of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. The organization has progressed from its inception in the early 1970's to becoming incorporated in 1982 and representing more than 500 members today.

Past Presidents

2016-2017 Laura Butkievich
2015-2016 Sarah Boyd

2014-2015   Diane McClaskey
2013-2014   Andy Smith
2012-2013   Daniel Good
2011-2012   Brad Cook
2010-2011   Nicole Allcock
2009-2010  Joel Hennenfent
2008-2009  Greg Teale
2007-2008  Nancy Konieczny
2006-2007  Amy Sipe
2005-2006  Jane Tennis
2004-2005  John Shannon
2003-2004   William Martin
2002-2003   Keith Perkins
2001-2002   Ranee (Neely) Runnebaum
2000-2001   Maureen Knell
1999-2000   Tom Hall
1998-1999   Dave Hanson
1997-1998   Mark Woods
1996-1997   Debbie Cavanaugh
1995-1996   Cindy (Bradish) McMenus
1994-1995   Rob Chandler
1993-1994   Mark Tiemann
1992-1993   Pat Minard
1991-1992   Keith Perkins
1990-1991   Barbara (Wright) White
1989-1990   Doug Lang
1988-1989   Eric Geyer
1987-1988   Richard Moore
1986-1987   Bonnie Grabowski
1985-1986   Jim Cummins
1984-1985   Larry Windmoeller
1983-1984   Neil Schmidt
1982-1983   Kevin Kinkade
1981-1982   Larry Graden
1980-1981    Lee Bennett
1979-1980   Chuck Ellis
1978-1979   Bill Reed
1976-1978   Fred Tonnies (2 years)
1974-1976   Tom J. Garrison
1973-1974   Tom Whalen
1972-1973   Ralph E. Holbrook
1971-1972   Garf Thomas
1970-1971   George Heine

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