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September/October 2022: President's Message

21 Oct 2022 2:50 PM | Anonymous
It’s Time to Grow!

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of investing in our personal growth and in the growth of those around us.  Today, I am going to review the ways that I want to see MSHP grow as an organization! 

Advancing Pharmacy Practice

Our patients need us now more than ever, so we need to grow in the way that we provide for them.  That means that we need to continue to advance laws and rules that will get rid of the barriers between us and the patient.  And equally important, we need to grow our ability to actually provide that care.  As an example, Medicaid has many opportunities right now for us to provide direct patient care and receive compensation.  Are you taking advantage of that?  What about Medication Therapy Services?  Current law allows a pharmacist to create an agreement with a physician to provide direct patient care.  We would like to see those statutes simplified, but until they are changed are you making use of what is allowed?  Did you know that technicians are allowed to check the work of other technicians, thus freeing up pharmacists to provide better services to our nurses, doctors, and patients?  Did you know that you can send home inhalers and topical products at discharge?  All of these things are available today.  Most of us are not operating at the top end of our license and training today, and so we should make the extra effort to care for our patients in ways that are currently allowed.  If we do that, we will be ready for even more growth when Medicare Provider Status is granted.  Right now, we need to continue to grow ourselves so that we will be ready for this new responsibility.


Expanding Our Influence

In order for that to happen, we need to continue to grow our influence.  We need to spread the word about MSHP and enroll new members. Word of mouth is the most effective advertisement, so please talk about MSHP with your coworkers, and persuade them to join. We need to continue to build solid relationships with the Missouri Pharmacy Association, the Missouri Hospital Association, and with other leaders across the state.  We also need to continue to build on the excellent work that has already been done in collaboration with the Board of Pharmacy and regulators and with our elected officials in Jefferson City.  Everyone wins when we grow those relationships.


Let’s continue to grow our influence across the state as an organization and learn how to grow in our direct patient care opportunities that are available to us now.  It's my hope that MSHP will serve as a catalyst for growth in these four areas.

Thank you again for granting me the opportunity to serve as MSHP president this year.  I look forward to growing with you.  -Note: this contains excerpts from the Presidential inaugural address delivered at the 2022 MSHP Spring Meeting

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